2051: A Food Odyssey

Date : October 9, 2019

A provocative workshop about designing the future of food for BC and the Netherlands.

Climate change, population growth, world health issues, topsoil degradation etc. pose systemic risks to our global food systems. How can we use design thinking methods, international collaboration and entrepreneurship to create new adaptable food systems to withstand climate and socio-economical transformations? How can local food leaders in British Columbia and the Netherlands turn the existential threat of food crises into an opportunity for big and bold ideas?

Many thanks to Wilco and his team at Dunefield Consulting for inviting me to facilitate one of the tables. I had so much fun! They are doing some interesting research around sustainable food systems, see link below. And I am feeling a pull (and a new consulting contract with City of Vancouver!) towards investigating food systems and specifically the problem of food waste.


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