A collaborative opportunity within Emily Carr University’s 3rd year Medical and Assistive Device Design studio (Med+) that runs January to April 2018. 


This course brings together industrial and interaction design students to work together to come up with solutions to first hand challenges faced by those with a disability, a health challenge or broader still – working with someone in the professional health sector to address a particular problem space.

Together with Emily Carr Health Design Lab, the instructors of this course are seeking people and organizations to collaborate with and to pair with our students as they develop and deliver their major project that runs the entire semester. Please note that Emily Carr student(s) will collaborate with you on the problem space identified, but as they are not being hired, they are not expected to deliver specific outcomes or deliverables defined by the collaborator.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in exploring collaborative possibilities. We will share the submissions with our students. They will contact you directly should they see potential fit and alignment with their interests and skills. If and once a match is made, a project plan will be created and both parties can discuss expectations of time commitment and levels of engagement. Most of the work together will take place February and March 2018.

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Examples of student projects from Industrial Design section spring 2017.