PLAYtheBLOX is an urban design game that was developed by Vancouver Design Nerds’ Mitra Mansour and Sarah Hay as a participatory design and civic engagement tool to foster dialogue and generate tangible ideas pertaining to changing neighbourhoods. It is rooted in the methodology that better public spaces are created through Placemaking as well as scalable from a single city block to an entire region. “The Placemaking process, when it is conducted with transparency and good faith from the bottom up, results in a place where the community feels ownership and engagement, and where design serves function. Here, human needs will be met and fulfilled, for the betterment of all.”

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PLAYtheBLOX challenges you to re-imagine your neighbourhood through the development of creative partnerships with your neighbours. The big picture goal is an inclusive vibrant local economy, community placemaking, and positive social impact.

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PLAY the BLOX Instruction Guide