Yin Yoga Practice

Category : good life
Date : May 25, 2020

In early March, my long time friend and yoga teacher made the quick shift to start teaching her yin classes…

Yin Medicines 2019

Date : December 4, 2018

Social squares to help promote Danielle’s annual yoga and wellness retreats in Jamaica. One day I will make it, with…

2017 Best Nine

Category : good life
Date : December 15, 2017

starting a business turning 37 (my all time favourite number) climbing a mountain voting protesting sunning birthday gratitude boating relaxing

Oliver van der Heide

Category : good life
Date : January 14, 2015

New long term project I’m taking on. In collaboration with my husband, my 5 year old son and the world at…

Keys to the Streets

Category : good life
Date : March 26, 2014

Love this project! And even more love is felt when my path crosses with some of it’s co-creators from City…