In early March, my long time friend and yoga teacher made the quick shift to start teaching her yin classes virtually over zoom.. from a farm.. on an island.. with llamas roaming in the background.. to anyone.

Danielle’s style of teaching was the perfect remedy for us, particularly as the world was grinding to a halt from Covid-19. The 90 minute classes invited us to feel into our breath and body – surrendering to a new slower and smaller daily rhythm. And because my kids were coming in and out, Danielle embraced that aspect of home practice and engaged them to practice for as long as they could. Knowing we could show up a bit late or duck out early or stay after class and chat… her openness to being flexible and adaptive is part of what makes her such an awesome teacher and facilitator. Permission to be whatever is truly needed.

starting a business

turning 37 (my all time favourite number)

climbing a mountain




birthday gratitude



New long term project I’m taking on. In collaboration with my husband, my 5 year old son and the world at large… Ollie is exactly two months old here. Photo taken after a blissful tromp through the forest trails in Deep Cove. A memorable day indeed filled with doughnuts, river water, forest air and my sweet beautiful boys.



Love this project! And even more love is felt when my path crosses with some of it’s co-creators from City Studio and then pretending to play a song for everyone.

photo credit: Duane Elverum